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Here are a few projects we have worked on in the past few months!
  1. Iris Irumva - Website Design and Book Publishing:
    Iris Irumva is a project that involves website design and book publishing. The team worked closely with Iris Irumva, a talented author, to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that showcases her books, biography, and upcoming events. Additionally, the team assisted with publishing, ensuring high-quality design and layout for her books. The project aimed to enhance Iris Irumva's online presence and provide a platform for her to connect with her audience.
  2. Rwanda Business UK - Branding and Social Media Management:
    The Rwanda Business UK project promotes business connections, collaboration, and economic growth between Rwanda and the UK. The team worked closely with the Rwanda Business UK organisation to develop a comprehensive website that provides information on investment opportunities, business networking events, and partnerships between the two countries. The website is a hub for businesses in Rwanda and the UK to connect, share resources, and explore potential collaborations.
  3. Umucyo Foundation - Branding and Website Development 
    The Umucyo Foundation project focuses on being a channel of light and empowerment for the Rwandan community in the UK, particularly emphasising women and young people. The team collaborated with the Umucyo Foundation to design a website that showcases their initiatives, programmes, and success stories. The website features information on educational opportunities, mentorship programmes, and resources for personal and professional development. Through this project, the Umucyo Foundation aims to uplift and empower the Rwandan community in the UK.
  4. The Elite Football Academy - Website Development 
    The Elite Football Academy's project aims to identify young, talented footballers throughout Africa. The team partnered with The Elite Football Academy to create a website that serves as a platform for showcasing upcoming football events, player profiles, training programmes, and success stories. The website also provides information on scholarships and opportunities for young football players to pursue their dreams. The project aims to foster talent identification, development, and the overall growth of football in Africa.
  5. Umuganda Sports Club - Branding and Website Development 
    Umuganda Sports Club is a project focused on bringing the Rwandan community together through sports. The team collaborated with Umuganda Sports Club to develop a website that promotes sports events, team registrations, and community activities. The website offers a platform for individuals and teams to connect, participate, and engage in sports activities that foster unity and community spirit. The project aims to create a vibrant sports community that promotes health, social interaction, and inclusivity.
  6. ISHURI - Branding and Website Development 
    The ISHURI project involves launching a company to teach Kinyarwanda and curate Rwanda's history and culture. The team partnered with ISHURI to design a website that offers online language courses, downloadable learning materials, and resources on Rwanda's rich history and culture. The website aims to promote the preservation and appreciation of the Kinyarwanda language and showcase the beauty and diversity of Rwanda's cultural heritage.
  7. NARC - Website Building of the National Association of Rwandese Communities:
    The NARC project focuses on building a website for the National Association of Rwandese Communities (NARC). The team worked closely with NARC to design a user-friendly and informative website highlighting the association's mission, objectives, and community initiatives. The website provides resources, news updates, and opportunities for engagement for the Rwandan diaspora worldwide. The project aims to strengthen connections, foster collaboration, and support the Rwandan community globally.